The customer provided segment data file is easily the most important information provided by the customer wishing to utilize El Toro services.  Errors in this file are the leading source of delays and performance problems in an ongoing campaign.

The following is a simple to understand description of the Segment Data File formatting as well as some general questions to ask regarding the data file contents.  Segment data files must conform to this format to ensure a successful campaign.

Questions to ask:

1)    Is this the correct data set containing the correct population of targets?

2)    Are the targets represented by this data set an appropriate match to the creative files, day-parting, and other aspects of the campaign?

Please remember the old adage: Garbage In – Garbage Out.  Please be sure to provide the proper target list for your campaign.

Segment Data File Format:

The following describes the format of the Segment file provided to El Toro.

1)    file format to be a text/csv file (Microsoft Excel can produce this file)

2)    the file MUST contain a header line of the format:  Last Name, Address 1, Address 2 or Apt, Zip Code (5 digits, must preserve leading zeros)

Example (shown in Excel):

Excel Example 1 092314



Please note that we have omitted columns for city and state, which are not required.  If you have unique columns for city and state, you do NOT need to spend the time to remove them, as our system will skip over those column types.  However, we CANNOT accept city and state data that is inside the Address 2 column.

If you wish to include a unique customer ID or customer number, this will aid in any match back analysis that is performed on your campaign results.  The unique customer ID or customer number should go in column 1 as per the following example:

Excel Example 2 092314


Again, Microsoft Excel easily produces the file we need to run your campaign.  If you are using software other than Excel, and you are unable to produce a segment file of this type, we encourage you to contact the IT support group within your organization.  We can work with your IT staff to assist in producing this file.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding this specification to