Tips to Create Content that Converts

Have you heard of the expression, ‘Content is King?’ Great content is the fuel that drives your digital marketing activities. And content marketing ranks among the Top 5 trends in the space of digital marketing in 2015. Because of the rise of content as a critical element of marketing, content is the most important thing that marketers do. So it is obvious that every content marketer aspires to publish ‘content that converts’.

  • Define Your Content Conversion Rates

The most important step in any content journey is defining your content conversion metrics. Content conversion metrics are unique to each industry and therefore the metrics defined need to be unique and relevant to your specific context. The most important aspect of the metrics definition is that they should be SMART – Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

  • Find Your Brand Voice

Developing a clear and consistent brand voice is a crucial step in communicating with your audience. Tone of voice isn’t what you say but, how you say it. This encompasses not only the words you choose, but their order, rhythm and pace. Finding your voice may take some time, but it can transform your business into a well-established brand.

  • Stand Out of the Crowd

The more crowded the market, the louder you need to be. Creating a unique selling proposition will highlight you and make you different from others. To make your business unique, find your ideal customer, get inside their head, create a problem & then solve it.

  • Have a Realistic Content Plan

A content plan which covers all aspects of the content lifecycle is the key stepping stone for a successful content plan. Content lifecycle includes all phases from content ideation, creation, publishing, promotion, discovery, engagement, management, and reporting.

  • Give Advice, Not Pitches

If your entire content is promotional, no one will trust what you say. But if 90 % of your content is educational, informative, and is related to solving problems of your readers or leads, those readers or leads are far more likely to believe you.

  • Add Endorsement or Testimonial

You need to take advantage of endorsements and testimonials. Your readers, blog subscribers, and half-nurtured leads are far more likely to be convinced of your business’ legitimacy if they see you associating with someone they recognize.

  • Close With the Right Call to Action

The right CTA (call to action) makes the difference between someone being inspired by your content’s insight, eloquence & information and deciding they’d like to become an email subscriber or start a free trial, and someone being inspired, but deciding to simply bookmark your page for later perusal.

  • Promote Your Contents

Now that you’ve got so much awesome content, it’s time to push out into the world through the right channels to get social shares and drive traffic.

With these tips, create viral contents and convert the readers into customers.


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