How-To Get Free Website Traffic for Your Website


This is going to be easy but only if you apply it. The secret sauce to help boost your website traffic is…. Drum Roll Please….. BLOG!

That’s right. Blog, blog, blog, blog, and more blog. If you have a new website, this is one of the quickest FREE ways to generate traffic to your business. We suggest you blog once a day for the first 3 months. Yes, that is a lot of blogging. But it will get you higher in the search engines to. After that, you can start to decrease the amount of your blogs depending on your competition.

1. Do a quick search on Google using key words or key phrases you think people would use to find your company online. That first page will usually show you your competition.
2. Start writing articles using those key words or key phrases in your blog title and posts. If you can, break them down to several blog posts. Don’t try and put everything in one if you can prevent it.
3. Make sure to use Imagery when possible in your blogs. Such as pictures with correct tags, video, and Infographics.  (just look at all these Infographics on Blogging)

This one is fun and easy to do. Not to mention smart for us all to do as well.

By , Published July 20, 2012

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What to write about?

Here are 100 topics to write about in your blog.

  1. Your business
  2. A new product or service
  3. An old product/service
  4. Your ideal client
  5. Tips on your expertise
  6. How you broke an old habit
  7. Life lessons learned
  8. A mentor
  9. A vacation
  10. A challenge you have overcome
  11. A challenge you are dealing with
  12. A challenge you need/want to overcome
  13. A child who has inspired you
  14. Your first car
  15. Your new car/dream car
  16. A current event
  17. Your hero
  18. A childhood lesson
  19. An award you have won
  20. Your unfulfilled dream
  21. A sibling
  22. Your parents
  23. Your grandparents
  24. Vacation trips in the car
  25. Airport/travel stories
  26. Your best friend
  27. Gardening
  28. Customer service
  29. A college experience
  30. Your favorite teacher
  31. A book you just read
  32. Your favorite book
  33. A quote
  34. A local event/incident
  35. A speech you heard
  36. A speech you gave
  37. A run-in with a neighbor
  38. Family reunions
  39. Holidays
  40. Music you enjoyed when growing up
  41. The traits of your favorite Superhero or Fairy Tale Character
  42. Your birthday
  43. Anniversary of your company
  44. An experience you’ve shared with your partner/children
  45. An experience you’ve shared with a colleague
  46. An experience you’ve had with a  complete stranger
  47. Moving to another home
  48. Moving to a new city
  49. A movie you just saw
  50. A hobby you have cultivated over the years
  51. A collection you have kept for a long  time
  52. A show you have seen
  53. A sporting event
  54. The Top 5 Things You Want to Do Before You Die
  55. Your parking/speeding ticket
  56. Social media friends
  57. Your dry cleaner
  58. Your dentist/doctor
  59. Your vet/your pet
  60. Your military experience
  61. Your 1st grade teacher
  62. Your favorite college professor
  63. Your favorite food
  64. Your goals
  65. Time management success tips
  66. Your first concert/Broadway show
  67. Your wedding
  68. A break-up
  69. Your first love/date
  70. Networking
  71. Your house
  72. Your vacation/dream house
  73. Exercise
  74. Your favorite non-profit
  75. Your favorite kids book
  76. Why you have a fence in your backyard (or don’t)
  77. Your favorite season
  78. Your favorite sports team
  79. Your favorite way to relax
  80. Your most prized possession
  81. Your favorite newspaper
  82. Your favorite new gadget
  83. Your prom/graduation
  84. Your first public speaking experience
  85. A sales debacle
  86. Your best example of negotiating
  87. The strangest or most interesting experience you’ve had in the  mall
  88. Your favorite magazine
  89. Pet peeves
  90. Life in suburbia/Life in the city
  91. How you started your own business
  92. Leadership
  93. Driving habits
  94. Your favorite blogs/websites
  95. Marketing
  96. Your favorite video clips
  97. Your own “Top 10 List”
  98. Forgiveness
  99. A famous person you met
  100. A conference or trade show you attended
  101. Your favorite place

Side Note: Give credit where credit is due!
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There are so many subjects to write about. But most of all, you should write about what you know best. Your business, products, service, etc. You are the expert in your own field. But wait, there are so many more qualified experts out here than me. Say’s who? The reader that doesn’t know they exist? The more you put yourself out there, and with good content., the more people will view you as the expert in that field.

I hope that this little article has helped you out in some small way. If it did, please leave a comment and share with others.