Marketing Idea’s you can use for under $200 or even free!

Recently I was asked by a customer of mine, ‘I need some business and I need it now. What can I do for $200?’

Here are some idea’s I came up with. If you have more, please share them below in the blog comments.

Giant Nickle  – We have a publication here called the Giant Nickle. It may be called something different in your area. It is those FREE magazines in racks you see all over town. Mostly in convenient stores and grocery stores. You can place a very inexpensive ad for around $20 a week.

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Craigslist: You may not get a lot of traffic or CTA’s. But this is a FREE service. Post your ads on Craigslist is another great way to reach an audience.

Business Cards: Business cards can say a lot about your business. No different than creating a graphic ad to place online or in print. Give it some thought. I personally have several different business cards made for different uses. Some are coupon driven, photography, marketing, SEO, Website, Podcast, Special Offer And more.

Make sure your card includes all the important information; Name, Address, Website, Phone Number. Check out and make sure to Google, Vistaprint Special Offers for even more savings.

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Click here to see some creative business cards ideas. 

Social Media – Social Media is one of the best ways brand your business and reach your customer target. Not just Facebook. Utilize the other social media outlets as well; Twitter, Instagram and many others. You can also use targeted ads on these formats that can drive even more sales. (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads).

Video – Just about everyone has a mobile phone. Now it’s time to use it for marketing. Make video’s about your company, About Us, Why Buy Here, Community Involvement, Customer Testimonials, Product Launch, Product Specials, How-To Videos, and much more. Also make sure you take advantage of Facebook LIVE video. This is a great way to get your business out there.

Flyers – Make some flyers and to around town and hand them out. Sometimes, the old way still works the best. Hire some high school kid for the day to go and put them in doors.

Friends and Family – Make sure that all your friends and family are aware of what you are doing and what you can provide for them. Offer family discount when available.

Post It Notes – Everyone knows what Post-It Notes are. You can have a company put your offer or message on a post-it note and go put them on neighborhood doors. People always read those post-it notes. I found to be a good place to purchase these from.

Post it note marketing

Post it Note Marketing with Tony R White

PayPal Payment Processing – Take online payments right away using As long as you have a checking account you can set up a PayPal account and start taking payments online. They do have transaction fees. Which means they charge you per transaction. The price depends on the amount of the product/service you are selling. Check out PayPal for more information.

Domain Forwarding – If you can not afford a website or know how to make one yourself, the lest expensive way is go to and purchase a domain name. Then forward that domain name to your Facebook Page. A domain name from Godaddy ranges from 99 Cents to $14,95 a year. You can also contact me for a free price quote for a website and a free quote to do the Godaddy setup and domain forwarding for you.

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