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Locally Personalized SEO Package

Let’s roll the ball with an interesting statistic…

70% of online searchers call for a business directly from the details on the search engine result pages.

See it another way, 70% of potential customers will find your business information without even visiting your website!

What You Need

In spite of your tremendous globalized SEO efforts, if you still don’t get enough business calls, most likely it is because search results are localized and the lack of local SEO has diverted the traffic that otherwise should be yours.

Google and other major search engines are persistent to provide most personalized results to the users and that leads search engines to deliver localized results. If your services or products have a local intent and you haven’t made any effort to optimize your website for local searches, you are missing out on huge local traffic and customers.

The power of localized SEO is unbelievably strapping; the online searchers can get your contact details, services or products information and even exact location of your business setup without even logging in to any website. Isn’t that remarkable?

So, knowing the risk that search engines will display local results prominently above globalized results, isn’t it sensible to ensure you are at the top with our Locally Personalized SEO Package?

Our Offerings

Do you know 80% of searchers add a location after an unsuccessful search? Our locally Personalized SEO package makes sure that your business tops the result pages when searchers are looking for your business through their laptops, tablets or even smart phones. Our extensive services include:

Local SEO Package

  • On-page & off-page optimization with local emphasis
  • Content creation & marketing
  • Mobile search optimization with local connotations
  • Creation of local profiles in local directories
  • Proper citation and maps
  • Social media platform management
  • Review management

We follow Google guidelines to give you sustainable outcomes and transparent work reports. Local SEO is important, don’t you miss out; Call us today!

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