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Transcribe Services for your Video and Audio Files


Transcription Services for Audio and Video

Transcribe Services for your Video and Audio Files from

What if I told you that this simple technique can help you drive traffic to your blog?’

Vloggers, please don’t tell me you aren’t doing this?’

I’m talking about an oft-ignored but immensely useful technique-Transcribing, or converting audio, video, or other media into text format. Here’s why you should create a transcript of your videos/audios:

  • Transcribing helps you SEO-wise:

Your search engine bots deduce video content only through the title and description and cannot read the actual audio media. Unless the description is accurate, there’s little chance that the video will be ranked well. But a text version of your video/audio file allows search engines to index the entire content. What if the user is looking for an answer to a specific question, or if he has entered a specific quote on the search bar. The transcript certainly helps to rank your video.

  • Improves user experience:

Without a transcript, users will have to pause and play to return to a previous quote, or jump ahead to look for specific information. But with a transcript you just have to read, or better still use the find function to type the keyword and the information is available in a few seconds.

  • Ideal for non-native speakers of English:

Close to a billion people around the world are non native English speakers. Transcribing helps to get your message across to them.

  • Encourages viewers to complete the video:

With a transcript viewers are more inclined to watch the complete video.


So, what are the things that can be transcribed?

Anything that isn’t on the text format can be transcribed. Some of them include:

  • Q and A sessions
  • Presentations, interviews, discussions
  • Radio shows
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Documentaries

The list is endless- you can customize it according to you or your client’s requirements.

How Do I transcribe?

 All that you’ve got to do is to provide URL or upload the audio file and wait for the transcript. You are now ready to add them to your YouTube video, add them to the embedded video on your blog, or even use it to create an infographic.

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