Attract Website Visitors with Our Smart Video Services

No matter how hard you may try, some visitors will never believe you until they see a video.

It’s strange but true!

Nothing can build good rapport, get huge traffic and make great sales like a video can. Text on your website is only one dimensional but video on the website add more dimensions to the whole concept of business. Don’t believe us, here’s what statistics have to reveal….

  • 100 million people are watching online videos every day. A lot of those viewers will of course be watching a cute dog or a dancing kid but an awfully great number of viewers are interested in watching helpful and informative videos. Is your website catering them?
  • 90% of the online shoppers find a video helpful in making buying decisions. Is your website helping the online shoppers?
  • 64% people are likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. Are you tapping them?
  • 46% people who watch your video will take some action to know more about you and your business. Are you getting enough calls?
  • 45.5% is the engagement ratio of the online visitors with a website that displayed an interesting video. Are you in the mix?

With such big numbers on the board, can you afford to miss out on the huge opportunity to get your website visitors stick to your videos?

Our Sticky Video Services

We and our sticky video services are driven by the fact that – it’s not merely the number of viewers watching your video is important – it’s the reason why they are watching and the content what they are watching is more important.

We create quality video content that not only make your visitors stick to your website but also adds the recall value to your business proclamation for more business. Videos are more social than plain text. Creating engaging videos is an art that we dexterously master in. Call us right now!

Create interesting and engaging videos for your business.

Other Video Services We Provide:

  • Explainer Videos

  • How-To Videos

  • Tips and Tricks

  • Character Animation

  • Whiteboard

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